About our Sangat

Sat Nam!

Château Anand is runned by a team of people staying on site and living by the values of 3HO and Sikh Dharma, the Château Anand Sangat.

Our practice of Sadhana, Seva and Simran allows us to keep up, and keep the spirit high. It helps us to handle the challenges of daily life and enjoy the blessing of each breath.

Our community varies with the seasons: winter time is cosy and we are few, summer time is rather busy, with lots of events going on. In between we host some groups and do different projects to maintain and improve the site as well as the communication and visibility of our project.

It is possible to join us for a yoga class, for our daily Sadhana as a guest or volunteer.

You can subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date, become a membre of our association or contact us directly for any information.

Join us as a Guest

Château Anand and its Sangat will be happy to host you as a guest. You can join us in our daily Kundalini Yoga practice, share food with us and enjoy the beautiful site and its surroundings.
We can offer different levels of comfort:
– individual room with in-suite bathroom
– shared room
– camping
Conditions and prices vary depending on our program, the length of your stay and the way you want to be involved in our project (read more in the volunteer section below).
Please contact us by email or by phone for more information and prices.

Volunteer in our project

By becoming a member of the Château Anand Sangat Association, you can contribute to our project as a volunteer – sevadar.

Seva means “selfless service”. It is a powerful tool for individual change in our self centered western society. As such, it is an important part of our Yoga practice through which we try to develop the understanding and experience of each of us being part of a whole interconnected and relying on each part of it.

As a volunteer staying at Château Anand, you would share with us our daily life rythm. This Healthy (good food and good exercice), Happy (good mental balance and good fun) and Holy (good meditation and good prayers) 3HO environment will support you in your personal development. It gives you the opportunity to practice on a daily basis the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan, get rid of habits you don’t want anymore and share with others.

Different possibilities to join us exist. We recommend a stay of forty days, if you want to produce some real changes in your life.

Material and financial conditions will vary depending on what your skills are, what season you want to join us, which activities are going on at Château Anand etc.

For more information and application, please contact us by email or give us a phonecall.

Become a membre of the Château Anand Sangat Association

The juridical structure of the Château Anand project stays on two legs:

One leg is the SCI Anandpour as the company that runs the facilities and deals with all event reservations.

The other leg is the non-profit Château Anand Sangat Association (la CASA – a French “association loi 1901”). It is through the association that the Sangat is organized. Everyone can become member of la CASA to support our project, stay updated or join us.

If you want to volunteer at Château Anand, your membership is requested for legal and insurance reasons. The yearly membership fee is 25€.

To register as a membre of the Château Anand Sangat Association, please follow the link.

Become a member

Support our project financially

The Château Anand Sangat Association financially depends on membership fees and donations.
If you want to support our project and make a donation, please contact us.

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