Participate in a Yoga Class

Every Thursday evening, at 7.00 pm, Château Anand proposes a Kundalini Yoga class. This course is open to everyone, no special physical condition, level or previous (yoga) experience is required.

To start a Kundalini Yoga class we sing three times the mantra “Ong namo Guru Dev namo”. This sets the course under the protected energie of the Kundalini Yoga lineage.

A typical course is made out of a set physical (and sometimes challenging) exercises, a deep relaxation and sometimes a meditation.

Kundalini Yoga has a great varity of exercices, kryas, meditations and mantras. Best is to join us to find out what it is about!

The Yoga class ends with a short prayer that energy of our practice may benefit to all, and the mantra “Sat Nam” (“truth comes from our heart”) which we sing 3 times.

To join a class please contact us beforehand, by phone or email.

Price is 10€ per class, 100€ for 11 classes, 200€ for 25 classes. First class is for free.

Participate in our daily Sadhana

Sadhana means “discipline” or “daily practice”. To deepen our spiritual understanding and connexion and improve our daily life, we all need some Sadhana.
In our practice, following the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan and inspired by Sikhism, our “Aquarian Sadhana” starts at 5.00am with the lecture of Japji Sahib, the first daily Sikh prayer and a powerful practice of Naad Yoga, the Yoga of Sound.
Follows a regular yoga-set with physical and energetical exercices. After a deep relaxation, we meditate for one hour by singing a fixed serie of mantras.
At around 7.30 am Sadhana finishes and we start the rest of the day with a good breakfast.
This very uplifting sadhana practice gives us the energy to handle all days challenges and enjoy every moment.

Our Sadhana is open to everybody. No special level, experience or physical condition are required.
Participation in Sadhana is without cost. Please let us know at latest the day before if you want to join us at Sadhana.